"Like bats, dressed in black to come out of the cave every night at sunset, they move in the dark, blind, guided by a special instinct that makes them perfect hunters.
While bats use their ability to catch little prays to eat, they use it to put their names in capital letters, in shades of grays that will turn into bright colors at dawn, for the rest of the world to eat."

Dems333, Pantone and Sozyone González, are inspired by the similarities with these nocturnal creatures
to work on the exhibition called ‘Murcielago’, taking place at the Vicious Gallery of Hamburg from the 26th of may
till the 23rd of june 2012, celebrating, by the way, the most representative animal of the city of Valencia.

Protect your neck."

Omar Quiñones • Velvet Liga

Dems333, Pantone, Sozyone´s MURCIELAGO